a crazy little thing called MAROY

a crazy little thing called MAROY

This 16 year old enigmatic guy, Roy Marvin Raymundo (known as Maroy) was born in April 8, 1998, the middle child and is very family oriented person.During his childhood years, Maroy used to be very flamboyant and energetic but from time to time, he became a shy-type person.

Because of his unique charm, people get easily noticed him and became popular Campus Cutie. Right now, he is taking a degree In Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. In fulfilling his dreams, Roy wants to be successful in his taken course and will manage his own restaurant someday.

His height (5’10”) and his potential in basketball game gave him a chance to be a varsity player. This sporty guy loves to watch basketball games in youtube and is fun of listening RnB “Hip-hop” music. One of his favorite music is a song of Nic and Vinz entitled “Am I Wrong”.  Aside in playing basketball, he loves to surf as well more on his Twitter than his Facebook. He’s also fun of eating and his favorite food is Beef steak and Adobo.

When we asked Roy if he ever thought to be in a showbiz industry, he just replied, “Kung meron po opportunity, syempre iga-grab ko po. Pero kung pa pipiliin ako? Gusto ko lang pong normal nabuhay. (If there’s opportunity, I will grab it. But if I were to choose, I just want to have a normal life).” But then, this humble guy has just something amazing that people must discover. He is an epitome of possessing a brilliant character.

During Roys’first ever photo shoot, the aMEGA Crew was flabbergasted and astonished on his performance showed knowing that it was his first time doing those things. It feels like he’s illustrious on that matter. “Nakakatuwa yung photo shoot. Nahihiya nga ako kasi first time ko to ginawa ever since but I’m just very happy na ako yung napili niyo na i shoot. Salamat! (The photo shoot was so fun. I was actually got shy because this is my first time doing this ever since but I’m just very happy that you chose me to do the photo shoot. Thank you!)”Even if he’s neophyte on this field, he showed to himself that he can be the best that he can be. Whatever things he does, his parents are there supporting his career especially her mother.

Maroy is a guy with incredible charm, a guy which has place in showbizness and modeling world. But what makes this guy amazing is his attitude, which makes him standout among others. That is Roy Marvin Raymundo!






Style 101:

The urban look is very popular especially among young people and teenagers with different backgrounds but with a common vision and lifestyle or ideal.





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Style 101:

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‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Maroy’
Featuring Roy Marvin Raymundo
Photography by Patet Fermin
Wardrobe & Styling by ‘Arkin’ Trick Rios
Grooming by Kieran Daño
Styling & Grooming Assistants | Paulo Obero & Esiel BC

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