Pretty Chic #styling101

For this December issue, its all about the girl with concealed potential as she will walk down into the carpet of fashion and styling. From mixing and matching up of outfits down to scrutinizing every details and proportions, from glamorous, minimalist to street style looks.

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This 16-year-old charismatic young teen, Shaira Mae, was quoted as the next door way in terms of fashion couture which made her image etched on the peak at her own institution, SMCT. Her esoteric way of living made her stand-out among others. Aside of being enjoyably attached in social-networking sites as Twitter and Facebook, Shaira as well is fond of reading good books and other materials she could find very interesting to gobble for.

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Shaira revealed that she loves doing things that may help her in boosting up her confidence and self-esteem. “All I want in life is to make my parents proud and happy. I am not ashamed to accept all the things which God has planned for me. I am just truly happy on it.” Shaira said.

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It was very challenging on my part knowing that its not that easy to blend wardrobes and just come up with an excellent output. Personally, I really would like to style wearable clothes and dresses for ladies, yet still with a touch of aesthetic patterns that would reveal their caress as a woman. Hoping for more brilliant ideas to sprout for the years to come. Watch out. More styles to witness for the next year.

‘Pretty Chic’
Featuring Shaira Mae
Photography | Patet Fermin
Styling | ‘Arkin’ Trick Rios
Make Up | Paulo Obero
Hair | Carlito Daño
Assistant | Esiel BC

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